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To: Pioneer Valley Association Members
From: Pioneer Valley Homeowner’s Association, Inc. Board of Directors
Date: November 9, 2018
Re: Results of Proposed Changes to the Pioneer Valley CC&Rs
On September 26, 2018 the Pioneer Valley Board of Directors sent a ballot to homeowners
regarding the vote on three proposed amendments to the CC&Rs. The ballot allowed members
to vote separately on the approval of each of the three proposed changes. In order for a proposed
amendment to pass the owners of at least 69 of the lots needed to vote to approve the proposed
amendment. The Board received 78 ballots by the return deadline. Therefore, the quorum
requirement was satisfied. The results of the voting by the members that returned ballots are as
AMENDMENT 1 – To allow more than one ancillary building per lot.
By a vote of 73 FOR and 4 AGAINST Amendment 1 PASSES
AMENDMENT 2 – To allow the raising of chickens.
By a vote of 61 FOR and 17 AGAINST Amendment 2 FAILS
AMENDMENT 3 – To allow the use of metal roof materials.
By a vote of 73 FOR and 5 AGAINST Amendment 3 PASSES
The amendment document evidencing the approved amendments will be recorded in the
Coconino County Recorder’s Office. The approved amendments will be effective as of the date
the document is recorded. Once it is recorded, the amendment document will be available on the
Association’s website. The Board would like to thank everyone for their participation.
Debbie Grosshauser, Property Manager
On behalf of the Board of Directors of
Pioneer Valley Homeowners Association, Inc.

Questions and Info, contact:

Debbie Grosshauser - Front Door Realty & Property Management Professionals
Cell: 928.266-2070 - Office:  928.774.1190 - Fax:      928.774.3924
914 N. San Francisco Ave. Suite
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Pioneer Valley is located in East Flagstaff, AZ in the heart of Doney Park and backing to the east of Old Caves Crater. With The main loop consisting of Pioneer Valley Road continuing to Moonbeam Drive - Heritage Drive - Patriot Drive back to Pioneer Valley Road and the 2 interior road of Tradition Road and Legacy Lane.

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All building, property changes, fences, paint, additons, sheds, green houses, etc... must get approval.


For infomation on issues or questions for Pioneer Valley or Doney Park contact Coconino County Representative for Doney Park is Mandy Metzger and she can be reached at:

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Coconino County has an emergency messaging system (for Flagstaff, Northern Arizona and all of Coconino County). If you have a home phone you will be notified if there is an emergency in your area. To register cell phones and secondary numbers go to:
Flagstaff Emergency Information
According to the Coconino County website ( "READY! COCONINO is an emergency notification system that serves all of Coconino County, including the cities located within the County. Computer automation allows operators to send recorded emergency information to a large majority of our residents. Public safety officials will use this system to notify you in the event of wild land fires, neighborhood evacuations, closures of major highways due to traffic collisions, natural disasters, law enforcement emergencies, and any other occurrence that may affect the safety of our community. This system is another tool to help you stay informed during emergencies.